Call for Papers
Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering-Workshop at ICSE 08
– Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Software is created by people – software engineers working in varied environments, under various conditions. Thus understanding the cooperative and human aspects of software development is crucial to understanding how methods and tools are used, and thereby improving both the creation and maintenance of software. Recently, a renaissance is occurring in this research area, with a large amount of research being published in software engineering venues as well as other research discourses. Thus the time is ripe to bring together researchers to share knowledge, and further build the research area.

The goal of this workshop is therefore to provide a forum for discussing high quality research on the cooperative and human aspects of software engineering, as well as a meeting place for the nascent community that is currently distributed over several research domains (e.g. HCI, SE, CSCW, and IS).

Topics of Interest
include but are not limited to:

* Software engineering as cooperative work,
* Social and cultural aspects of software engineering,
* Psychological and cognitive aspects of software engineering,
* Managerial and organizational aspects of software engineering
* Coordination of large scale software development,
* Cooperation between software developers and other professionals over the lifetime of a system.
* Knowledge management in software engineering.

Prospective participants are invited to submit position papers on a topic of relevance using the same format required for the ICSE technical papers (posted at Three types of submissions are invited. Eight-page Research papers go into detail about the research, 4-page Notes papers discuss preliminary findings, and 1-page Topic papers should cover very preliminary results or research ideas. Please see
for additional submission instructions.

Important Dates
* 21 January – deadline for workshop paper submission
* 12 February – notification of acceptance by workshop chairs
* 19 February – camera-ready deadline for workshop papers

Workshop Organisers and Program Committee

* Li-Te Cheng, IBM, li-te_cheng at
* Cleidson de Souza, UFPA, cdesouza at
* Yvonne Dittrich, IT University of Copenhagen, ydi at
* Michael John, Fraunhofer, Michael.John at
* Orit Hazzan, Technion, oritha at
* Frank Maurer, University of Calgary, frank.maurer at
* Helen Sharp, Open University, H.C.Sharp at
* Janice Singer, NRC, janice.singer at
* Susan Elliot Sim, University of California Irvine, ses at
* Jonathan Sillito, University of Calgary, sillito at
* Margaret-Anne Storey, University of Victoria, mastorey at
* Bjornar Tessem, University of Bergen, Bjornar.Tessem at
* Gina Venolia, Microsoft Research,Gina.Venolia at


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