About Janice

What’s this blog about: This blog is an attempt to grow a community on the web of those people interested in the human side (aspect) of software engineering – be it, development, maintainence, or evolution, and be they from CSCW, IS, HCI, MIS, SE, or other research communities – hey and even those who are actually involved in the creation of software!

Send me your links, papers, comments, ideas and I’ll blog them. I envision that the site will be constantly evolving as the community does, so let me know what you like and don’t and I’ll try to address it. Or let me know if you’d like to be a contributor and I can add you on (after a bit of a background check :))

Who I am: I’m a researcher at the National Research Council Canada and conduct research in the intersection of HCI and software engineering. Basically, I try to improve the productivity of software engineers by applying methods from HCI to understand software engineering needs to create innovative tools and processes. I believe that the human side is the way to go. My research employs a variety of methods, primarily qualitative, but occasionally I conduct experiments as well. The common theme is that I believe that you can’t innovate if you don’t talk to and understand the needs of working software engineers.

Other interests: I work on lots of other projects as well – including looking at software for scientists and syndromic surveillance. See my projects page for more info on these.


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  1. I am feeling a bit sheepish asking this question, but: I’m thinking about buying your “Guide to Advanced Empirical Software Engineering”. Alas, my knowledge of statistics is limited and I am hoping that this book covers the basics. Is this correct or should I look elsewhere for a *compact* introduction to experimentation methodology?



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