CHASE, JCSCW, other ICSE workshops

First, let me apologize for having so many posts centred on CFPs and so few on other topics. I have some plans for interesting posts in the coming weeks/months, but right now have to be focused on the several workshops that I’m involved with for ICSE.

So, here are the links for a few interesting workshops at ICSE, plus the link for a special issue of JCSCW.

First, and dearest to my heart is CHASE – an ICSE workshop on “Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering.” Potential topics are varied, so look at the webpage. We will try to follow the workshop with a special issue of a journal, but we’re still working on that angle. The main goal of this workshop is to try to formalize the community studying this topic, and to share research results. Papers are due January 24th, but are only 4 page position papers or resarch reports, so get working!

Second, we are co-editing a special issue of Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work on “Software Development as Cooperative Work.” Here you have a much longer time frame to write the paper. Deadline for submissions is September 1st. So, if you haven’t already, frame a topic, and start to conduct the research. There is still loads of time.

I’m also on the PC for two interesting ICSE workshops definitely related to HSSE. The first one is “Socio-technical congruence.” The main topic is looking at coordination in software projects and teams, and how to achieve it more effectively. It is a much more specialized workshop topic than ours, and maybe relates more closely to your research. Should be very interesting, and it has a great organizing committee. This workshop is on a different day than ours, so you could easily attend both.

The second one is “Workshop on End User Software Engineering (WEUSE IV).” This workshop focuses on the challenges (and successes) facing end-users (and researchers in aiding end-users) in creating dependable software. This topic is becoming increasingly important in my research as I am involved in a project working with end-user scientists. Quite an interesting research area that is definitely related to HSSE. Again, this workshop is on a different day than the other two, so you can attend all three!

Any questions, let me know.