CFP: ESEM 2008

The 2nd International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Metrics – ESEM 2008 (formally ISESE and METRICS) just posted their CFP. It will be in Kaiserslautern, Germany this year. The topics are pretty broad and certainly cover HSSE. I’ve not been in a long time, but the one time I went to ISESE, it was a great conference, and what’s more, very interesting colleagues to meet and network with – (I won’t tell you about my daughter eating too much cheesecake before our Disneyland trip – save that for another time). Anyhow, here is the CFP – two months left, so start working. ESEM 2008


Book is out!

The book I co-edited with Dag Sjoberg and Forrest Shull has just been published by Springer.  The title is “Guide to Advanced Empirical Software Engineering.”  Just my opinion, but I think the book is quite good – we tackle a variety of empirical topics, all couched in software engineering examples.  You can find it on Amazon here.  It’s also been interesting following the Amazon ranks – at one point we were up to 60,000, but now we’re down to 600,000 or so.  Apparently when you’re down that far, even selling one book can make a big difference.  There’s a good graph here in case you’re interested.