How was CHASE?

Well, unfortunately I was unable to attend CHASE this year, but am wondering about your impressions.  If you were there, how did it go?  What parts did you like or not?  How can we make it better next year?  Should we stay at ICSE or explore other venues?  And what else…


2 Responses

  1. I think it went great. CHASE (and its previous incarnations) is the only workshop that has always left me with very good impressions. Nice papers, good posters (though we didn’t get enough time to see them all, or to know what they were about). Though I missed you, and I know many others did, too.

    I think it should definitely continue being an ICSE workshop; perhaps also a CSCW workshop as it was in 2006.

    • I second Jorge. ICSE and CSCW are great venues for it. Fewer talks though and more interactivity, especially in the morning when everybody wants to meet and greet.

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