Last week at IIT

As many of you already know, I have been let go from the Institute for Information Technology.  I have been working here the last 15 years, so it’s a bit bittersweet.  In the end, as a family, we had the choice of moving thereby allowing me to continue to pursue my research career, or changing careers to stay in Ottawa.  We chose the later.  Starting a week from Monday, on April 27th, I will be commencing my new job as an IRAP ITA – which is an Industrial Research Assistance Progam Industrial Technology Advisor.  IRAP provides assistance, both financial and mentorship, to Canadian small and medium size enterprises in terms of industrial research and development.  My job will be to work with local tech companies in helping them bring their products to market.  I will  be providing both assistance and managing financial contributions.  I’ll have a number of local clients.  IRAP has about 260 ITAs across Canada.  In the last federal budget, we received an additional $200 M over two years, so it will be a busy time.  I’m really looking forward to my new job – I’ll be learning a lot, and focusing on the front lines of software development which will be very exciting.  I anticipate continuing this blog, still focusing on the human side, but it will have a bit more of a practical bent, in terms of my new experiences.

I’ve really enjoyed working with all my research colleagues over the years, and look forward to continuing my collaborations, albeit in a slightly modified manner.  My one hope is that the CHASE community that I’ve worked hard to establish continues to grow and thrive in the coming months  and years – please continue to send me your announcements and news to foster our community in growth.


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