CHASE 2009 (Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering)

Well, we (Yvonne Dittrich, Cleidson de Souza, Helen Sharp and myself) are just putting together our proposal for CHASE 2009 for ICSE in Vancouver. Before we finalize our proposal, in the service of cooperation : ), I thought I’d ask all of you out there what you liked and didn’t about last year’s CHASE. Is there something we should do differently this year? Are there other topics we should include in our CFP? Just in case you forgot to bookmark it, here is the website for CHASE 2008.

We have decided to include 1 page, 4 page, and 8 page papers to give people at different points in the research cycle an opportunity to participate. What do you think of this? We also plan to follow the same basic format as last year with directed coffee table rounds focusing on posters and paper presentations. One thing we are considering is a keynote address. Any ideas for who we should invite?

The proposal is due on September 15th, so send comments now, either below or by emailing me.


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