Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering

Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering
Workshop at ACM SIGSOFT 2008 / FSE-16, November 10, Atlanta, GA, USA


Friday, July 25: position papers due
Friday, August 29: author notification
Friday, September 19: camera-ready copy due for accepted papers


Recommendation systems for software engineering are tools that help
developers and managers to better cope with the huge amount of
information faced in today’s software projects. They provide
developers with information to guide them in a number of activities
(e.g., software navigation, debugging, refactoring), or to alert them
of potential issues (e.g., conflicting changes, failure-inducing
changes, duplicated functionality). Similarly, managers get only to
see the information that is relevant to make a certain decision (e.g.,
bug distribution when allocating resources). Recommendation systems
can draw from a wide variety of input data, and benefit from different
types of analyses.

Although many recommendation systems have demonstrable usefulness and
usability in software engineering, a number of questions remain to be
discussed and investigated: What recommendations do developers and
managers actually need? How can we evaluate recommendations? Are there
fundamentally different kinds of recommenders? How can we integrate
recommendations from different sources? How can we protect the privacy
of developers? In this workshop, we will study advances in
recommendation systems, with a special focus on evaluation,
integration, and usability.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and
practitioners with interest and experience in the elaboration and
evaluation of concepts, techniques, and tools for providing
recommendations to developers involved in software engineering tasks.

Specific areas of interests include, but are not limited to:
– Infrastructure of recommendation systems
– Application of techniques from artificial intelligence and
information retrieval
– Mining software artifacts for recommendations
– Recommendation systems for code reuse
– Recommendation systems for teams and managers
– Software navigation, debugging, refactoring, collaboration
– Evaluation of recommendation systems
– Benchmarks for recommendation systems
– Usability of recommendation systems
– Ethical issues such as privacy and behavioral shaping


Three kinds of submission are solicited: long position papers
(5-pages) presenting promising preliminary results and/or describing
tools; short position papers (2-pages) presenting novel ideas in the
formative stages; and position statements (1-page) where a stance or
idea of interest can be expressed. Some position papers will be
selected for regular presentations, others for a poster session.

All long and short position papers accepted to the workshop will be
published in the ACM Digital Library, unless the authors prefer not to
do so. All accepted position papers and position statements will be
made available to the attendees, regardless.

Submissions must be uploaded via the submission website at by July 25, 2008.


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