Disney and software

I just returned from a family vacation to Disney World in Florida – I know it’s not entirely on topic of human side, but I’m really fascinated by their operations.  They must use a ton of software there, from everything to hotel reservations, food ordering, personnel, transportation, everything.  And a lot of it has to be safety critical, like the ride software.  It really is an impressive operation, overall.

But I’ve never read anything about Disney operations.  Does anyone know anything about it.  How much software do they use, is it off-the-shelf, customized, or written expressly for their purposes.  How is it evolved and maintained. What do they do for quality control and testing. While I was there, at least two rides were shut down for short time periods – I’m assuming either software or hardware glitch – so there must be some way of diagnosing and solving bugs/errors/faults.

Disney is like a small city, but all controlled by one organization.  Well, if you know anything, let me know, I’d be super interested.


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